The Importance of Aviation Consulting

Aviation consulting is extremely important for civil aviation authorities, airlines, airports, ground handling agencies and other aviation stakeholders. Consultation services which are offered by our experienced consultants who understand the complications of the aviation industry are capable of delivering great solutions to our clients.

The Nature of Aviation Consulting

The nature of the consulting service we offer is depending on the client and their specific needs. However, we offer a wide range of services based upon the customers’ needs and wants. No scopes of work are ever the same, but these consultation projects include aviation regulations, aviation safety and security, compliance, strategy, business plan developments, operational performance improvement and many more areas.

Our 6 Ds Consulting Process

(1) Discover

Firstly, at this early stage we sit with our clients, know each other, listen to their problems, establish client`s needs, gather information, discuss the scope of the work and time frame and then plan for the next steps. 

(2) Define

Secondly, we diagnose the problem, identify the root cause, analyse the  effect, and hypothesize the solutions. 

(3) Design

Thirdly, we develop lasting solutions based on the diagnosis, evaluate alternatives, put forward project plan and present to the client for approval.

(4) Develop

Fourthly, we plan for project implementation whether advising clients on a particular problem, delivering training or conducting research.

(5) Deploy

Fifthly, we execute the project, accomplish its requirements or assist the client with implementation within agreed time frame.


(6) Deliver

… And lastly, we deliver our promises, fulfill our obligations, meet client’s aviation needs and objectives and seek their feedback.